World Cup Soccer

Here it is: the description of such a wonderful slot machine as World Cup Soccer. How to play it?

To choose the amount of pay lines that you want to play, use the arrow buttons next to the box labeled "Lines". Then, make a bet.

If you play more lines, your chances will get better in increasing your overall winnings whenever you get a winning combination as written on the payout table.

After making a bet and choosing your pay lines, simply click on "Spin", so the reels will spin. You could also use the option for "Maximum Bet", if you wish.

One extra feature would be "Auto Roll" where the reels will spin automatically without he chosen pay line bet and denomination until you turn the feature off.

Bonus Games

  • After winning 500 extra points, you can play the bonus game of the bouncing ball.
  • What you have to do is stop the ball from bouncing before it drops. Waiting longer means higher chances of winning.
  • After winning 1000 extra points, you can play the bonus game of penalty shootouts.
  • Three tries are given to save as a keeper or score as a striker. Simply click on arrows to go in different direction sin order to save or make a shot. Losing will give you the winnings you have awarded thus far.
  • After getting at least three more scatter symbols, you can win more free spins.
  • After getting a whole line of symbols with a trophy-holding girl, you can win the scratch game of the World Cup where you have to find trophies in order to get more winnings.

Other Features

  • Use the "Spin" button, so that the slot machine reels can start spinning after you place your bets.
  • Click on "Maximum Bet" to play every line available - the most bets possible. Pick this option to automatically place bets and spin reels. This will put the highest bet possible and automatically deal cards for you.
  • The box of lines will show the amount of lines you have played.
  • Place a bet for every line played.

The box of denominations shows every bet's coin value.

  • To decrease or increase the denominations of coins, use the arrow buttons marked "-" and "+".
  • The payout table will show the rate of payout for each winning combination for each played pay line..
  • The box of balance will show your current account balance. It is updated while you play through real time.
  • To decrease or increase the volume of the lobby and the games, click on "Sound".

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