How to Beat a Slot Machine: Set of Advice

Slots games are the most favorite and playable games among gamblers. The aim of the game is easy - to push the button and wait for the symbols combination result. But usually gamblers desire to increase their winning chances and try to find out how to beat a slot machine. There are some cheating methods players can use, but it is too risky and illegal. Our site doesn't recommend you to use any of them, but we hope this information will be interesting for you and will broaden your knowledge.

Slots Cheaters

There is no particular playing strategy for slots games. It is impossible to predict the game results, as the RNG (Random Number Generator) selects different symbols combinations each time. And it is easier to rob the machine physically, than manipulate it.

Slot games are the most profitable for the casinos, so there are a lot of slot machines in the land based houses. Many casino cheater spend long hours with the aim to rig the gambling machine. And it has some results:

  1. About a billion of dollars was stolen from slot machines.
  2. Caught cheaters were arrested and sent to jails, as it is very serious crime.

Usually slots cheaters use special cheating devices (computer software or instruments).

How to Beat a Slot Machine

  • Counterfeit Coins. One of the oldest slots cheating methods is bringing your own fake coins to the casino. The machine takes them as real money. It was used by millions of gamblers throughout the whole slots games history.
  • Coins on the String method. One coin is poked and tied on the string. You just put in and out the same coin all the time.
  • Monkey's Paw - one more method of thieving the slots machines. It is a bit of flexible material with the claw apparatus on one of the ends. It stucks up the coin chute and makes the slot machine pay more money.
  • Coat Hangers. The coat hunger is sticks into the machine. The working principle is the same as in previous example.
  • Mini-lights. The cheating method of using the light and optics to interfere slots sensors.

It is difficult to cheat the modern slots machines, but still many gamblers are trying to do this.

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