Playing Slots Games Etiquette

There you can read and learn the set of unspoken slots game rules, necessary to follow. As all other casino games, the slots have their peculiar etiquette rules. They are simpler comparing with other games rules, as there is no socializing and interaction between the gamblers. Following the etiquette rules one shall find the game more exciting and fun.

Etiquette Tips Necessary to Follow

  • Always use the coin cups. Their presence on the seats or handles in front of the slot machines indicates that someone already plays there. It is very convenient, if you want to leave for some minutes your gambling place.
  • Nowadays not all casino slots use the coins, so you should look for a jacket or some personal stuff on the chair to find out whether it is free or not.

  • It is allowed to play at several slot machines at the same time. It is very wide spread occurrence in the low-crowded casinos. The gambler playing two or more slots should take into consideration the time and the amount of other gamblers in the casino. Many busy casino establishments have the table with the sign: "One Slot Machine per Gambler Only". You should respect this rule.

    Try to use as many slot machines as you can watch, otherwise you can be ripped off.

  • Give back the forgotten player's card, if you have found one left on near the slot machine. The gambler, who forgot it will definitely come back to find it.
  • The usage of physical force against the slot machine will result in your throwing out of the casino. Cursing and screaming are prohibited too.
  • Always respect the "No Smoking" rule and follow it.
  • It's the player's choice to give or not to give tips, but a small tip for well-done casino service will not bust you.

Use the main slots rules and tips properly, follow the etiquette rules and you'll enjoy the game fully.

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