Slots Superstitions: To Believe or Not to Believe

Since the early times of the history the humanity believe in some strange signs, magical rituals and actions and give a peculiar meaning to some things. The superstitions exist in every sphere of the people's lives, as they make them more interesting and easier. The gambling activity is not the exception, as usually players try to predict the game results, control the future events or increase winning chances. We offer you the list of the most popular throughout the history slots gambling superstitions.

Common Slots Superstitions

  • Play the same the game at the same time. It is common phenomena that gamblers play the same slot video poker only on the weekends, as they believe that this time is most suitable for this game.
  • Pray before playing slots. Gamblers with strong religious beliefs always pray before pushing the button or pulling out the lever.
  • Look for special symbol on the reel. A lot of gamblers play only those slots game, which contain the image of their lucky symbol.
  • It is a bad sign to play during a full moon. Think this rule over very carefully. It is also not recommended to play the slot machine game, if you saw a dog near it.
  • There is the list of lucky and unlucky numbers and colors. The most superstitious Chinese gamblers don't play the slots with too much black on them, and prefer red-colored symbols, which bring good luck.
  • Pay special attention to the numerology:
    1. Many gamblers don't play 13-lined slots on Tuesdays and Fridays.
    2. Chinese gamblers consider numbers 58 and 4 to be negative ones, as they sound too bed in Cantonese.
    3. Still the same Chinese players prefer the 8-3-8 and 6-9-8 combinations, as they are very lucky.
    4. Less lucky, but still very popular and positive are 1388, 168 and 998 numbers combinations. These beliefs are very profitable for the casino administration and they can use them as marketing methods.
  • If you won once in a slot, it is lucky. Many players are looking for slot machines, which paid huge jackpots in previous months, as they are considered to be the most profitable.
  • Donate fruits to the gods. Usually regular Chinese (it shouldn't surprise you) players offer some fruits to gods for better luck.
  • Don't count money before gambling. Hope, this fact doesn't need the explanation.
  • Stay clear of sex.
  • Wear read underwear.
  • Don't touch other people on the shoulders while playing.
  • Don't sing, whistle and cross your legs while gambling.
  • Don't forget about additional amulets, which help to bring more luck.
  • Leave the light in the entire house switched on, if you are leaving for the casino.

You think: do they work? No one knows, but you may try them, they won't harm you and, maybe, will bring good luck.

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