Marvel Slots is a brand new online slots breed that is taking the Internet by storm. Based on popular Marvel superheroes, these casino games are exclusively offered at Intercasino. Each of these brand new Marvel slots are connected in a three-level, brand new progressive slot machine, as well, and they each have features in bonus rounds that are interactive and make the players become the characters themselves.


Boldly hoping to attract slots players online, Marvel Comics and Partnerlogic (a top software developer of online gaming) have teamed up to deliver theme-based, highly realistic video slots like never seen before online. By matching brand names with top quality gaming software at once, Partnerlogic has made the most visually stunning and realistic online slots so far.

Various Marvel games currently exist on the Internet, five of which are exactly the same, just with completely different themes: Daredevil, Blade, Hulk, X-Men and the Punisher. The five of these most of the Marvel slots out there and include your regular video slots with three rows, nine lines and five columns. If you choose more lines, you will spend more, but your odds of winning triple are also given.

Such slots are sure to drive anybody crazy. However, if you love line-heavy slots, these themes are done perfectly. Daredevil even includes tiles with Elektra, Bulls eye, Kingpin, and a DD wild card that is completely animated. X-Men, on the other hand, feature several classic teammates, like Rogue, Jean Grey and Wolverine, as well as villains Sabre tooth, Mystique and Magneto. Although the headshots aren't very inspiring to look at, 5 lined-up Magnetos do payout quite a lot.

The Available Superhero Slot Machines

With Hulk slot machines, you can go on winning rampages for a great bonus round in the need where you can smash things for money by fighting helicopters and tanks. The chance to win even bigger exists in the Spiderman machine, where the feature called "Venom" gives you the great chance to fight against Venom and actually save your lady loves Mary Jane.

You might have to rescue victims and foil robberies on the way, though, so pick the right path and you may get rewarding outcomes at every corner! The unstoppable Marvel vigilante called The Punisher now has a slot with 9 lines, as well, wherein crimes are fought and cash is won! After finding the bonus round that is interactive, you can even turn into

The Punisher to win games and raise your bet by 8,000. If you'd prefer, you can also choose the Daredevil 9-line machine, where the pay line symbols have pictures of Elektra and Daredevil, as well as villains Bulls eye and Kingpin, daggers and nun chucks.

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