Kinds of Casino Chips and their Peculiarities

When a player first enters the casino, it is necessary for him or her to change cash into “chips”. Some casinos allow cash to be exchanged at the table others only allow exchange at a “cashier station”. These chips are also known as casino gaming “tokens”, “checks” or “cheques”. Chips are not legal currency in any country and have no value when taken outside the casino. Same for the online casinos. When you first sign up in an online casino you should change your money into “chips” as well. Check out for the latest reviews of online casinos in Canada. It will help you to find the best spot to play at.

Chips are the currency that is used in most casinos. They are round counters which are all the same size and weight.  The value of the chip is determined by its color. Red may be valued as $25, yellow - $50, value of chips usually depends on casino. It facilitates players knowing how much they bet on each hand by just looking at the color. Each chip has a designated value which is shown on the face of the chip. This also assists the casino in calculating the value of a large quantity of chips by weighing them. The weight gives the cashier a pre-determined value and so saves manual counting, this saves time and effort.

The tokens or chips are made from a variety of materials which are:


These are manufactured from injection molded plastic.


These are formed from compression molded clay.


Metal chips are stamped from colored sheet metal and are used mainly in slots. These chips are also available in various denominations. 

Gaming Plaques

These are also stamped from sheet metal but are used in high roller games. They are rectangular and are normally silver or gold colored, although other colors are sometimes used in casinos. Their face value is from 25,000 units. The aforementioned units, refers to the legal currency in use in the country in which the casinos is located. Gaming Plaques normally have a unique serial number stamped into them to help counteract fraud.

Each casino has its own set of security features for their chips. The company logo will be displayed on each chip. This can contain holographic images which are unique to that particular casino. There can also be a radio frequency identification device (RFDI) built into the body of the chip during the manufacturing process.

In the case where neither of the above are used, then a plastic chip will be laminated with plastic after the graphics have been applied. This covering is not removable without destroying the chip. Chips are dedicated to each specific casino. They are not interchangeable between casinos even if the casino is part of a large chain.

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